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Are you experiencing excessive pain in your mouth or tooth? This may be a sign of a more serious problem. When a cavity reaches the nerves in your tooth, it can sometimes become infected. Whether your tooth is fractured or infected deep into your nerve, root canal therapy is the only way to save it.

Are you suffering from severe tooth pain? Make an appointment now.


•  An abscess on the gums

•  Sensitivity to hot and cold

•  Pain when biting

•  Severe tooth pain

• Swelling and / or tenderness on the gums


In some cases, no symptoms are present even when a root canal is necessary. Be sure to come in regularly for routine exams.

Signs and symptoms to watch for:

We understand that root canal pain can be unbearable. If your tooth pain has become intolerable, call us right away for 24-hour emergency services. A friendly, experienced member of staff is always available to answer your call and get you seen right away.


We also offer periodontal disease treatment and preventative dentistry.

Handle your emergencies

Thanks to advances in technology and our state-of-the-art equipment, root canal therapy only takes 1 hour or less. Root canal therapy is usually painless and very quick and effective.

Get in and out in no time

Stop pain with a safe and effective root canal

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